Saturday, 24 May 2014

Angry Men on Horses Redux

So finally, after a lot of back and forth with my angry horsemen arrived * and rather than me talking about the army, I thought in this post that I would review the boxes that have arrived so far.

Great Things
First off, these figures are amazing. The crisp detail, minimal mould lines and plethora of options mean that I'm really, really going to enjoy assembling this army. The knight sprues come with some great options for weapons - lances sure, but swords, maces, morning stars and axes. There are bits for making musicians and standards and a wide variety of the famous Teutonic helmets.

The foot box is even more clever in the many and numerous ways it can be assembled. I have more than enough parts to make entire bases of dismounted Teutonic foot or a mix of close-order Order foot and Order crossbowmen. This one box of 24 figures will make three 8 man bases - two bases of 2 knights and 6 close-order Order foot and a base of 2 knights (including the sweet dude on the right above) and 6 Order crossbow.

Not So Great Things
To be fair, at this stage of the proceedings I have a single complaint about these box sets and it's not a huge one. The horses do not go together as smoothly as the foot and a bit of green stuffing will be required on the seam of the two parts. On the plus side, it's not serious and I think will largely be resolved by using my last pot of GW liquid green stuff. Hopefully I have enough to get through the nearly 5 dozen horses that this army requires. :)

Stoked. These kits allow me to deal with my issues with so many manufacturers where, eventually, you have to repeat models. There are more variations (I didn't do the maths. It's a lot) in each box that I should never have to actually put the same model on a base anywhere and I cannot adequately describe how happy that makes me.

I am glad I decided that I could actually bring myself to make this army work and so help me, I am going to make it work. By the time I'm done, I'm going to be the best gosh darn painter of blended whites that ever existed. Ok, maybe not. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to be crazy good at it.

Next time, a list!

* I should say more as I think it warrants a mention. The supplier took a bunch of stuff off the order and gave me credit on it in order to get it shipped. So I ordered the next 2 boxes of non-Teutonic horse (for my Knechte and Turkopolen) as well as some character figures to finish up a warband for Ronin. The Ronin figures meant that the shipping would be delayed until the 16th of May. They emailed that the box had shipped on the 17th. Can't argue with that kind of service eh?


  1. Those figs do look really nice, can't wait to see the paint on 'em :)

  2. Have to agree with Tom here, these look cool- I really want to see them with some paint on them and 2BB!

  3. Looking real good Chris.I will start follow your projects.Keep on posting! :)