Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Prinny Makes a Post

So time for me to start another army… I have a sickness that requires me to buy miniatures.

Or at least that is how it feels sometimes. :)

So Pooch conned me into a Greek army and I thought Athenians would be a nice colourful option, even though we lost the war, at least there is still an Athens.

McZermof should have some great looking angry men on very angry horses to run over our troops as well. (If they ever arrive in New Zealand.)

Pooch handed me a plastic bag at work on Monday filled with Victrix Plastic Greeks and some Little Big Man Transfers; if only it was filled with cash.

The Starting Plastics Pile

So after an evening of assembling figures I had a go at a test figure, below it the result. He is quite shy so you can see more of him once he has some friends.

My Test Figure

The plan is to finish the first stand by Sunday, which will mean only another seven to go :)




  1. Aren't you doing 9 per base Tim? So there would be 8 to go?

    You are making me feel bad for just opening the box of Spartans....

  2. Good luck with your projects guys, look forward to following your progress. Cheers, Paul.